Kenzo x H&M: The Experience

Anyone remember the Kenzo x H&M madness? Or was there any? Sorry for posting this so late. I was having issues with the website and/or host, but I think everything is resolved now. So lets get to it.

I knew from the start this collection will be a polarizing one. The colors, prints, silhouettes; it is not for everyone. Especially for Vancouver, where everyone dresses simple and prefer to blend in. I just didn’t expect that much of a difference to the whole queuing and shopping experience.

Normally, the first few would begin to line up as early as 9 or 10 in the morning of the previous day. The frenzy would continue to build up throughout the day and night. For example, Balmain last year, the line already stretched down the block at about 10pm to midnight. Total contrast this year. The fourth person joined the line at about 5pm. This is simply unheard of. What’s more unheard of is the collection was opened to the public (customers without wristbands) before 11am of launch day. This never ever happened before, at least in Vancouver. How was the launch everywhere else?

I guess that all contributed to my success. For the Kenzo collection, I literally got everything I want and more. I had no trouble at all finding my size. No need to elbow anyone in the face. For Balmain, it was sheer craziness. It was insane because some of the pieces were sold out before I could go in, and I was in the second group. This year? Nope, not for Kenzo. Didn’t happen this year.

In the end though, I have no regrets lining up early. I got everything I want and honestly ended up liking the collection more than before. The pieces fit well and the fabrics are very nice. Well, at least the pieces that were not rainbow-colored or crazily printed. What about you? What did you think?

What I wore:

1. Jacket by Kenzo x H&M; Hoodie & T-Shirt by John Elliot x Gap; Sunglasses by Dior Homme

2. Jacket by Kenzo x H&M; Backpack by Balmain x H&M

3. Jacket by Club Monaco; T-Shirt & Sunglasses by Kenzo x H&M

4. Sweatshirt & Hat by Kenzo x H&M; Bracelet by Hermes

5. Everything by Kenzo x H&M

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