My Holiday Gift Guide

My Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season for holiday cheers and spending more money on others than on yourself. Holiday gift shopping can be quite a daunting task. It can put you to the test on how fast you can shop and how thoughtful you can be. Don’t just buy the first thing you can think of. That is just asking for trouble because you clearly didn’t have a plan of action. No one need their friendship/relationship re-evaluated because the wrong gift was given.

And so I’m here to help you avoid getting those awkward stares on the gift opening nights. Because god only knows how awful it feels to know your gift got returned or given to someone else. Below is a list of ten great gifts I think most people would appreciate. Either I personally have some of them or can stand by them. They range in price points but mostly guy-oriented. Of course, I’m sure the ladies wouldn’t mind them so much too. Have your credit cards ready and lets go shopping!

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  1. Roku Premiere: Does anyone still have cable anymore? Okay, there’re still out there. But I know I rather stream online video than pay for channels I never watch. I go for the Roku Premiere. It supports 4K video, has countless video services, and it doesn’t matter if you’re using iOS or Android.
  2. Monica Vinader‘s Signature Bracelets: Nothing feels more festive and special than getting a piece of jewelry as a holiday present. And so why not steer away from the typical jewelry brand? These signature bracelets are timeless and well-priced in my opinion. You can even get them engraved with your own writing or signature. What’s better than that?
  3. Issey Miyake’s L’eau D’Issey Pour Homme: Scent can be a very personal thing. If you have to get a fragrance as a gift, I’d suggest this one. It’s clean, fresh, and good for any occasion or personality. Also, it’s different from the typical Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana fragrances that everyone seem to have.
  4. Adidas Superstar Sneakers: Classic. Versatile. Comfortable. What more can you ask for on a pair of sneakers? I have a pair and literally worn them to death. This is because they are my go-to shoes that look good with any outfit. Shoes can be a hard gift to get. However, I’m 100% sure you can’t go wrong with the Superstars.
  5. Lumsing Harmonica Series Battery Charger: Are they the kind of people who always complain battery drainage? Well then here’s their saviour. This Lumsing battery charger is portable but powerful enough for four full charges. Hurray for no more excuses for not responding to those late night texts.
  6. Daniel Wellingdon Watches: What time is it? Time for them to get a watch. Better yet, get it for them this Christmas. The Daniel Wellingdon watches scream class and timelessness. There are countless┬ácombinations of sizes, faces, and bands. There’s got to be one that they like. If they don’t like the watch, they can always change the band to update the look. Options and versatilities are the best.
  7. Glamglow Gift Sexy Supermud Set: I personally think skincare is extremely important. Who wants to look older sooner rather than later? The one brand I always trust is Glamglow. I use both the Supercleanser and the Supermud, and both work wonders. This particular gift set is the perfect introduction to exceptional skincare. God knows everyone should look good for the holidays.
  8. Mulberry Navy Cashmere Scarf: Mulberry is currently having a comeback in my opinion. Gone are the dated designs and in come something modern and sleek. With that said, give the warmth this Christmas with their cashmere scarves. They are soft and cozy. Also, they won’t break the bank like the Burberry ones. They come in a variety of colours, but I opt for the navy and oat colours.
  9. Postalco Leather Geology Roll Wallet: Wallets, for some reason, are ubiquitous gifts during the holidays. Of course, people would think of Louis Vuitton or Prada for quality leather wallets. This time, why not give something different? Postalco is a brand based in Japan. Their wallets are made with quality goatskin, very functional, and decently priced. Surprise your loved ones by going the different route this year.
  10. Sonos Play:1 Speakers: For music lovers out there (who isn’t?), having a proper sound system is crucial. Get them to stop┬álistening to music through your weak laptop or television speakers, and get them these Sonos speakers. They are small yet deliver superb sound. Also, by having multiples, your loved ones can start building their own sound system. That’s thumbs up for me.
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