Maison Margiela Replica: Jazz Club

Welcome to the Jazz Club

Fashion is like a puzzle. It has many pieces and when they are strategically put together it creates a full image. One of those pieces is the fragrance. I personally think it’s an extension to one’s look. I never leave my house without wearing one. My scent collection is slowly growing. So please welcome my newest addition: Jazz Club from the Maison Marigela Replica line. I always loved fragrances that smell different from others in the market. I remember when I first smelled Jazz Club, I knew this was it. This is the fragrance I’m looking for. It is gently spicy, slightly sweet, and overall mysterious. Exactly like an actual jazz club. However, I always forgot about it because either it wasn’t available in-store at that time or I gave priorities to new shoes or bags. It was only recently I finally got my hands on them. Finally! I will definitely wear this one when I’m going out to dinners, or even during the day if my outfit is more preppy or business-formal.

Oh while I’m talking about fragrances, I like to offer a few tips to all fragrance-users out there.

  1. Don’t Overdo It: Depending on the fragrance, but usually most of them should last pretty much all day. There is no need to spray every few hours. Just one to two small squirts before you leave your house should be enough. You don’t want to suffocate everyone around you.
  2. Apply at Pulse Points: Some people spray in their hair or on their clothes. Don’t do that. The best way to let the smell out and make it last is to spray at the pulse points. I like to spray on one wrist and dap the other wrist. Spray on the wrist again and dap on my neck.
  3. It Will Smell Differently: There are different notes to a fragrance. Each of them will come out as the fragrance fade away. Therefore, it will smell differently at the end of the day versus the beginning. That’s why there are testers. You can make sure you like the smell regardless of what time of the day it is.
  4. Choose According to Your Style: When I smell a Tom Ford fragrance, I would think of a established gentlemen in a suit. That is not me. I choose my scents that suit me. Don’t buy it just because everyone else is wearing it or it just smells good. Choose one that extends your style and personality.
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