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The New Coach

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Before the holidays around November last year I thought I would treat myself to an early Christmas present. Actually, nevermind, I treat myself all the time. Anyway, it was for real this time as I really wanted a new bag. But the hunt for one is never an easy task for me. Unlike clothes or shoes, I am more particular or selective when it comes to bags. It has to be certain shape, size, and color. I wanted a brown crossbody bag that’s big enough to store everything I need and that’s easy to carry around.

Sounds simple? Not really.

I searched far and wide for one. I couldn’t find one I could fall in love with. I looked at high-end to low-end. I looked in stores and online. Nope. Nothing. Until I stumble upon this one unexpectedly.

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Say hello to the newest member of my family: the Coach Gotham bag.

Here’s a little bit of my thoughts on Coach. Coach, along with the likes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton, was one of the first leather goods brand that I noticed. At first, I thought “oh okay, this is nice”. But after noticing the quality and craftsmanship of other brands, there was no turning back. Frankly, Coach was on a steady decline since. It was only recently Coach had a renaissance moment. Under the direction of Reed Krakoff from before to Stuart Vevers now, it has gotten younger and funkier. Oh, the quality has improved too, especially the 1941 line.

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I never really liked carrying huge bags with me when I’m out and about. I like to able to get around easily without having to carrying around too many heavy things. No thank you to huge duffle bags or tote bags as big as my desk. And so, this Coach Gotham bag is definitely a good size for me. It has enough space for my wallet, sunglasses, camera if I need one, and other necessities. And that’s it, not much else to ask for.

Back to my new Gotham bag. It’s pretty much everything I was looking for. Decently sized, quality leather, and uniquely designed. At the beginning, it was the mixture of materials that got my attention. I rarely see this design choice because men’s bags are designed to be simple which I understand. However, when it comes to bags and accessories, I want to have fun and want them to stand out. That is exactly why I chose this Coach Gotham bag. The combination of stiff black and brown leather and mustard suede is truly an standout.

Lets say the design is there but what about the quality? Well, Coach has been surprising me lately with excellent quality of their bags and that is evident here. Sure, it is still no Hermes or Chanel quality. But I have no complaints about the leather that was used to construct this bag. The suede feels soft and stiff leather feels rigid and sturdy as it should be.

So what do you think? Do you think Coach is better now than before? What was one bag that surprised you and made you fell in love with it?

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