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The Good Times

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Lately, I’ve been reminiscing a lot. Missing the good times, so to speak. It was around this time last year I was genuinely having a great time and thoroughly enjoying myself. It was mainly because of one person. That one person I was able to open up to, talk till sunrise, and really enjoying each other’s company. And I’ll be honest, there are not a lot of people I can do that with. That’s because, for whatever reason, there’s always seem to be a wall that go up between me and people in general. But no, it didn’t happen with the aforementioned¬†individual.

It was going so well. I was genuinely happy. Then it all seemed to faded away. What happened? Does all good things must come to an end?

To this day, I find myself from time to time still missing those days and that person. Those moments of joy and relief that I could let my guard down. Those good times. Will I ever able to relive those days? I don’t know. It could happen tomorrow, or next year, or never. Who knows? Perhaps one day I’d be pleasantly surprised, even with a simple text. For now, all I can do is dream, be positive, and stay hopeful. You got to during times when you feel like you’ve lost something. Am I right?

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